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How To Prepare Partition With Windows Already in PC To Install Linux

Posted by Linux Ducks on June 9, 2011 at 6:53 PM

How To Prepare Partition With Windows Already in PC To Install Linux....

Your PC already has Windows in it. You want to add Linux to run both Windows and Linux (dual boot system). If the Linux installer (USB Drive, CD/DVD Disk) does not automatically partition and install Linux - you then must first make room on the Disk (Local Disk-C / all files and Windows disk) for Linux - free up disk sace for Linux. This is very simple with a few clicks and the link here is an excellent Tutorial with pictures. Simply, you shrink the disk space Windows is using. Example, if you have a 100 Gig Disk then you shrink the disk by at least about 5 Gigs for Linux up to 30 Gigs - whatever space you wish to allocate for Linux for the dual boot set up (use both Windows and Linux on one computer). A good small size for Linux is 5 to 10 Gigs or better - 15 Gigs. If you intend downloading a lot of media files and so on - give Linux like at least 30 Gigs then. Be as generous as possible in the dual boot system without denying Windows enough space to operate at speed.

In short, you need ONLY shrink the Windows space disk the amount you want to allocate to Linux and disregard the rest. NOW go back to installing Linux and you will see the click to install Linux on the availabe Free Space (you just made) whereas before the clicks were for manually setting up format/partition - this is NOT neccessary ! It will all be automatic now with the free space set up (shrink disk) as expected to install Linux in the dual boot set up.

How To Prepare Partition With Windows Already in PC To Install Linux....

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